Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Another rockin' shoot with 60b Photography!

Leave to the fabulous Sabrina of Sabrina Allard Inc. to make an ordinary flower shoot with Jill and I into a fantastic and rocking bridal shoot!  She got The Wedding Embassy in Watertown to allow us to borrow some great dresses, the girls hair was done by Bri from Platinum Salon in Torrington, the headbands were care of Spellbound, and the flowers were of course from HGK Designs!
Again thanks to the wonderful Sabrina and the Torrington Downtown Partners we had the pleasure of this all taking place in the old Nutmeg Ballet Studio on Water St.  This was fantastic place to have a shoot in they still have the ballet bars up, Jill even found an old pair of ballet shoes!, and many other fun things. Well enough chit chat here is part one of the shoot!:
Tracy rockin' the dress!

Miriam just wore this lovely dress so elegantly!

Tracy holding what might be one of my funkiest bouquets to date

The Duchess Rose made from Tinto Roses that the girls loved

My first ever Glamellia I think it came out pretty good if I do say so myself

 Well that's the end of the first set from the shoot can't wait to share more with you!

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Cake Creations by Stephanie!

I am always one for promoting other small businesses but I love when it is someone I know especially an old friend.  So imagine how excited I was when I saw an old high school friend's cake pictures she had been doing and saw how great they were!  Well here are some of them:
I LOVE this beach themed cake, don't you just love the heart in the sand?
What a chic looking wedding cake!
Doesn't that Coach Bag look good enough to eat!

Polka dots and Stripes always a great choice
Flowers always add a romantic touch to a cake!

Here are just some of the great comments Stephanie's cakes have gotten her:

C.Downes: Steph, we're totally hiring you to make our wedding cake. Can you bring it out to California? :)
Christina Wolfe Photography: And seriously *the* best cake. ever. ...actually...do you do monthly deliveries???

Melissa I.:Steph the cake was sooo good everyone loved it!

I know you just can't wait to book Stephanie for your next event so here is her contact info:

Be sure to let her know HGK Designs sent you!