Friday, October 22, 2010

My 1st fellow WAMOGO 2001 graduate Wedding!

This October I had the pleasure of working with one my past WAMOGO classmates, Stacey.  We graduated together in 2001 and had not seen each other since that graduation day in '01.  So I was so happy to find Stacey to still be just as nice as she was back then and not only that but a fantastic bride to work with!
With this to say I have to think Stacey also enjoyed working with me:
Heather - Thank you soo much! The flowers were absolutely GORGEOUS and EXACTLY what I wanted!! You're the best :)
Her flowers were just so gorgeous that Jillian of 60b Photography and I took some great photos of them at Hubbard Park.
One of my favorites but you would have loved to see the hop skip and jump I had to do to get the bouquet there

This was one of the first shots taken I loved it, it was taken on an old tree stump a great natural background

I have yet to have Jillian take a photo for me that I have not loved so if you ever need a fantastic photographer I highly recommend 60b Photography and not just for her flower shots she also took fantastic pictures at my sisters shower this past July!

Friday, October 01, 2010

Pictures of HGK flowers from Sassy Mouth Photo's Studio Opening

I did up 2 arrangement for Marisa of Sassy Mouth Photography in Meriden for her new studio opening last night.  I aslo had the pleasure of doing a 3rd as a gift from Jen at Embellish Floral in NH, I love when other designers have such faith in you that will order from you!  Any way onto the photos
This was for Marisa's new office the bright happy colors just scream MARISA!!

This went into the new "living room" of the studio a stylish living room setup in the new studio

A close up of the gift from Embellish that Marisa put my card on and around!